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February 04, 2008



Oh Sarah,
she is beautiful and she looks like she ain't afraid of any flying and she'll do it with grace and lightness.



I'm so sorry, Sarah. She is a beauty.


Peace, strength, faith, joy, remembrance and grace I wish you. I wish you a celebration of her life and her wondrous legacies: Yourself and Isadora.

With these wishes and much more I remain,


I'm so sorry!
The pictures look beautiful - I'd bet she was a rather amazing woman!


Your tribute to your grandma was beautiful. The pictures are moving and the words full of love.

I am so sorry for your loss.


Sarah I'm so sorry to hear about your grandmother. What a beautiful woman and a lovely tribute to her. Not only do you look like her but clearly you have her sense of humor as well! My thoughts are with you and your family.


I am sorry for your loss....she is a beauty.



Sweetest Sarah... I'm so sorry for you & your families loss.

Love & Light,



I am so sorry for your loss...she was a beautiful woman and your tribute to her so touching....sending a hug your way...for you and stink!


I'm sorry to hear about your loss...I too lost someone very close to my heart on the 5th....My Father. He was 54. My deepest sympathy to you & your family! ((HUGS))


oh sweet sarah!!! we haven't chatted for a couple months, and look what i've missed---
i know how dear she is to you and i am so glad you and stink got to be with her as much as you did. she is such a strong influence in your life and i know you know that! lung cancer is such a yucky disease...Your grandmother, like my dad, took it on as valiantly as anyone ever did.
love ya, sarah....


oh, i just noticed the title of this post. FLY AWAY (the version from the O BROTHER, WHERE ART THOU soundtrack)...is one of the songs played at my dad's funeral this past saturday.


Thank you to all who posted and emailed their sympathies and sent hugs in our direction - I am so grateful and amazed at the reach of a stink blog and the warmth of its readers. To Liliana: 54 is entirely too young. I send thoughts for healing to you and your family.
Teri, my gal... we'll catch up soon. Promise promise.
Thanks again to all.
Sarah - Stinky Pete & co.

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