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February 22, 2008



I love it!! I wonder if I could get my hair to do that too :)


What a great picture :) hee heee
So glad she is feeling better!!


ah, so glad she's back to her effervescent self. and by predatory feline standards, i'd bet her 'do is very 2008. ;)


Aw! I'm so glad to hear she's on the mend.


sorry...did you say LION KING or DON king???



Oh my..that Scarlet Fever..Mads had it when she was 18m or so..I try to forget! Did you know it was still around..cause I had no clue until my child turned well Scarlet Red..horrid stuff..really. I am glad to see your squirt is feeling better..phew..eh?? On the whole ebay thing..I was totally out of the loop as well and think I made an arse of myself at some point about it..I am not fond of the feedback changes and the fee changes..they are a part of life though and who the heck am I to argue with ebay..my electricity stays on because of em so I will keep up the ebaying. Thanks for posting on my blog..I just think you are the coolest. All the best..Sheila

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